Randa Farah's Story

Randa Farah is a specialist in Human Resources Management & an Entrepreneur as well. 

She Holds 3 university degrees and holds 3 functions! She is the co-founder of Lebtivity.com but also the HR Manager of ZRE, developers of Beirut Digital District, as well as a University Instructor at USJ and trainer.

Randa won many awards like the "Femme Francophone Entrepreneur" in 2014, was selected as top 20 entrepereneurs of the year in 2015, was selected to represent Lebanon in an international program for Women in business in USA in 2016 and was voted in the top 100 Lebanese Social Media Influencers in 2017, as well as the number 2 person who created a buzz in 2016 in the book of ten. She was ranked among the top women entrepreneurs in Lebanon and was selected for the Keep Walking Lebanon campaign for Johnnie Walker in 2017 (keepwalkinglebanon.com). 

Randa's passion for Lebanon and resilience made her an advocate for Culture and Events in Lebanon, where she promotes the positive cultural side of the country through Lebtivity.com

Her secret of success is good time management, client focus and loving what she does.

She also recommends to all women to remember that the more they succeed the more they should remain humble. Being productive is great, but a woman should also know how to stay feminine and modest and help others succeed as well while maintaining a work-life balance lifestyle.